We offer translation and interpreting in these languages

Translation tools

At present, there are many translation tools which speed up and improve the quality of translation. Most translation tools have a translation memory and terminology database.

Our company employs the state-of-the-art software by SDL TRADOS, namely STUDIO 2009 and MULTITERM. This software facilitates the management of jobs, performs an in-depth analysis of the original and thus enables an accurate price quote.

Search, search, search

Expert translators are in touch with a variety of texts from different focus areas. On the other hand, a correct translation into the target language requires a knowledge of a particular field. Therefore, a translator must inevitably embark on a time-consuming, however, necessary search for information needed for grasping the text being translated. The Internet is the most easily available and quickest source of information. Though not all information on the web is credible and needs to be double-checked, the advantages clearly prevail over disadvantages.


Corpus is an extensive set of texts saved in a computer. It is mainly used for linguistic research and among other things it is a very usefuly tool for translators. Thanks to the huge volume of data a corpus can be regarded a veritable reflection of the written language, even differentiated by style. A translator can thus look up various collocations, verify the usage of words in a context and check the frequency of some language solutions.