We offer translation and interpreting in these languages

Interpreting service

Do you need an interpreter for your press conference, seminar, lecture, congress or company training? Contact us!

We will be happy to ensure the interpretation equipment as well as the sound system and will put together an entire team of conference interpreters.

Modes of conference interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpreting - real-time interpreting in a booth. The speaker, interpreter and listeners use headsets and microphones.
  • Consecutive interpreting - successive interpreting after segments. The interpreter takes notes and interprets while the speaker pauses.
  • Chouchotage - whispered simultaneous interpreting without interpretation equipment.

We will be happy to help you choose the right mode of interpreting to meet your particular needs.

Interpretation equipment

Simultaneous interpreting necessitates interpretation equipment (booth or mobile interpretation equipment) and a sound system. We ensure that equipment for you. The installation of a booth and sound systems requires a technician; the mobile interpretation equipment can be controlled by the interpreter himself.

Guide on interpreting

Here you can read some useful information about interpreting and translation which is intended for clients commissioning interpretation jobs: Languages in action.