We offer translation and interpreting in these languages

Translation service

Do you need a text translated into Czech, German or English? Or between German and English?

Just send us the original, indicate the target language and the requested deadline. We will get back to you with a price quote and will be looking forward to you confirming the purchase order.

The price depends on the number of words in the original, not the translated text. Therefore, the price is definitive and accurate.


We will be happy to ensure proof-reading/editing for translations into English or German using professional and experienced native speakers.

Translation software

We use modern software in translation. It enables us to process regulars files such as MS Office as well as many other special extensions.

We create a translation memory for jobs. A translation memory helps maintain uniform terminology in comprehensive and follow-up documents. In addition, we also use a terminology database which is a sort of technical glossary and also helps keep translations uniform. We back up all translations in an external drive.

Customer´s participation

Customers´s participation lies in communicaation with the translator who needs to consult terminology and to know the intended purpose of a translation as the purpose determines the choice of the right translation method.

Guide on translation

Here you can read what to do best when commissioning a translation:
Translation - getting it right